Which type of food molds the fastest in the same place: bananas, milk, bread or cheese?


Mostly all foods need to be refrigerated in order to stay in eating condition. Some foods don't need to be but most especially dairy products do. The only problem is what foods mold faster and how fast do they go bad.


1. banana
2. cheese
3. bread
4. Milk
5. a cabinet to put the samples in


First take all your samples and make sure they are not molded yet and that they are still fresh. Pour the milk in a glass and place it in the cabinet that you have chosen to use for your experiment. Next take the banana cheese and bread and place them in all separate dishes. Then put them in the same cabinet. It is important for them to all be in the same place for more accurate results because of the temperature of the area. Wait 4-5 days and check your samples and record your results in a table below.

 Record And Analyze Data:

After a week we looked at all our results. It turned out that the milk molded the most. It started to show signs of mold in three days. The cheese and bread both showed signs of mold on the 4th day and the banana which showed signs of mold the least stayed fresh till about the 6th day.

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