Steam Engine, Steam Boat

For ages 10 or more. Adult supervision required.

Metal Boat with Steam Engine: 
This metal steam boat is a classic toy that shows how easy it can be to design and build a steam engine. If you are planning to design and build your own steam engine, use this steam boat to experiment and then try to build your own.
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Steam boat includes:

  • Metal boat.
  • Removable candle holder
  • 6 small candles
  • Dropper assembly

Additional Materials Required: Additional Materials Required for your steam boat are:

  • Matches or lighter
  • Water

If you decide to build your own steam boat: You may build a working model of a steam boat using a thin and soft sheet of copper or brass. Thin sheets of these metals can be cut using the household scissors, bent by hand and soldered by a small torch or soldering gun.

Safety precautions, protective clothing and adult supervision is required.


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