Do detergents affect plant growth?


Plants grow by using water and the sun to make food. We are trying to find out if different types of detergents will affect the growth on a plant. This experiment, if done properly, will give us the answers we're looking for.


We think that the detergents will affect the plant growth and kill the plant since the detergents material is poisonous to most living things.


1. 4 of the same plants in little pots
2. 3 Different types of detergent.
3. Area with sufficient sunshine


First of all, make sure that the plants are all the same and are all fresh and not withered. Take the first plant and put it in the area where you are doing your experiment. Water it and let it stay. Next, take the 3 detergents and mix half a cup of detergent with half a cup of water and pour the mixtures in each of the remaining 3 plants. Do this for the next 7 days and record your results below after the 7th day.

 Record And Analyze Data:

After testing for 7 days, the experiment showed that the three plants that had detergent material in them died. The poison killed the plants just like we thought in our hypothesis. The plant that didn't have detergent in it lived and was in good condition.

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